Baby’s first craft

Awwwww, poor thing
Awwwww, poor thing

At just five days old my little boy was forced to participate in a craft project by his mother. He wasn’t entirely happy about it but I think it’s important he finds out early what he’s in for.

The foot prints
Look at those tiny widdle footsies

The kit was called a Magic Box from Baby Art. You roll out some baby-safe clay into a tin and then push your wriggling baby’s feet into it to make a print. Sounds easy but it took a few goes, which is fine because the clay doesn’t dry right away so you can re-roll it. You just annoy your baby more and more with each failed attempt. It also turns out you can’t do a hand print from a small baby, which I didn’t know as I have very little experience with small children. They just make a fist, so if you’re going to do one of these kits save your baby the torment and just stick to feet.