Scarface Claw birthday cake

When we would read Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy my little boy would always smile when we got to the page with Scarface Claw. The toughest tom in town was the obvious choice for a cake theme when it came … Continued

Merry Christmas from make meow

Please note the jumper and hat are drawn on, I love my cat dearly and would never subject her to that.

My sister’s mathematical origami

Variation of the shapes described below with decorative beads added My sister is a super smart mathematician, she makes cool mathematical origami shapes. Here are some of them and her explanation of how to make them. The origami Halloween pumpkin … Continued

Who’s a good puppy?

Stella the English bulldog

Stella’s a good puppy Another iPad drawing. This is Stella, she’s my sister-in-law’s English Bulldog and she is awesome.

Drawing challenge: Day 35 – losing count

Many faces t-rex

Joker T-Rex, Steampunk T-Rex, Edward Scissorhands T-Rex, Zombie T-Rex, and two Freddies: Freddy Krueger T-Rex and Freddie Mercury T-Rex. So I kinda cheated by just doing a variation on the same picture every day, but it’s quick which was nice. … Continued