Drawing challenge: Day 28 – 34

Casio calculator watch

Day 32: Casio calculator watch To start with I had only missed one or 2 days a week, this is the week where it all fell apart, I only managed 2 drawings. I knew drawing something every day was a … Continued

Drawing challenge: Day 20 – Day 27


Day 25: T-rex. Raaaaaaaaaaaawr! T-rex’s are awesome. I didn’t have a real one so I drew this from a photograph I took of an animatronic one at a museum in London. I wish I had a real one and an … Continued

Drawing challenge: Day 13 – 19


Day 15: Burger I really liked doing the bacon picture last week so I’ve gone for food again. There’s some thing on the internet where Nicolas Cage is a cat, I don’t really get it but now I’ve contributed to … Continued

Drawing challenge: Day 8 – 11


Day 8: A crow Day 9: Mermaid substitute I tried to draw a mermaid but failed, so I drew a fish and a lady instead – you have to use your imagination. Day 10 didn’t really work out either, luckily … Continued

Drawing challenge: Day 2 – 7

Rainbow unicorn

Day 7: Rainbow unicorn and rainbow unicorn of death It’s been going ok so far, I’ve only had one day where I didn’t draw anything. Wednesday was halloween so there’s been a definite horror/zombie theme this week. To draw on … Continued