Construction site birthday cake

Construction site birthday cake

It’s decorated with: Chocolate icing Crushed up chocolate Oreo cookies Ferrero Rocher Maltesers Pocky for the pipes Fondant road cones CAT plastic construction vehicles The ‘Flammable’ sign is printed from the computer For my son’s second birthday his cake had … Continued

Magnetic photo frames

My mum had been looking for a magnetic photo frame but hadn’t been able to find something she liked. So when it was her birthday I thought I would get her one. I couldn’t find anything nice either, a few … Continued

Wall mounted terrariums

I wanted to make a wall mounted terrarium that didn’t stick out of the wall too far, I had quite a bit of trouble finding a container that would work. I ended up getting a couple of acrylic containers from … Continued

Cot teething guard

For some reason my son’s cot only has plastic teething guards along the sides. He was trying to chew his way out the front end of the cot, something needed to be done before he escaped. For the teething guard … Continued