Baby’s first craft

At just five days old my little boy was forced to participate in a craft project by his mother. He wasn’t entirely happy about it but I think it’s important he finds out early what he’s in for. The kit … Continued


Hanging terrarium

I recently fell in love with terrariums. They’re magical miniature environments so it was bound to happen at some point. I had a go at making a few for xmas and birthday presents. There’s lots of tutorials around but the … Continued

Ladies night fused glass craft

What’s better than being on holiday? Doing craft while on holiday! So I was very happy when my sister in law (who I was visiting in Alameda, CA) suggested we go to a place where you make things from glass … Continued

Kid toy craft

I really like fake plastic food, not sure why but ever since visiting Japan I’ve loved it. There’s a toy you can get called Whipple where you pipe fake cream onto little plastic cakes and then stick gems and things … Continued