The many ways to hide pills in your cat’s food

Trying to trick your cat into taking a pill every day is not for the fainthearted. If you’re able to do it by sticking it down their throat I would probably recommend that method. I hate doing that, I’m terrible … Continued

Lost sock pegs

What may look like 3 pegs stuck to the wall is actually a comprehensive lost sock management system. Within an hour of it’s implementation it had already been used to swap out a mismatched sock from a pair that had … Continued

Reminisce with dial up and slow image downloads

My work recently started doing a monthly video competition. The videos have to be one take with no post-production. The theme for April was ‘Reveal and/or revelation’. I decided to re-create the slow reveal you used to get when you … Continued

Ugly outdoor furniture not quite as ugly anymore

I’ve reached the time in my life where I have to do home maintenance and renovation. I’m not happy about it, it’s severely cutting into my craft time. And it isn’t fun exciting renovation like turning your attic into a … Continued

Makeshift iPhone tripod mount

You can get things to attach your phone to your tripod for quite cheap, but the shipping for all the ones I was looking at was a couple of weeks and I needed something sooner than that. I’ve tried taping … Continued