Cocktail: Canadian breakfast

Today was pancake day and a new cocktail was invented. It contains: Canadian Club whiskey Maple syrup Lemon juice Ice Bacon (finely chopped for rimming the glass) You can figure out the quantities yourself, it’s a pretty relaxed drink. Pancake … Continued

What’s so civil about engineering anyway?

This is a mug I had made for my husband for Christmas. He’s a civil engineer and I will be forcing him to take it to work because I think it’s hilarious. I’ve met a bit of criticism with this … Continued

Caterpillar turning into a chrysalis

A monarch butterfly caterpillar about to turn into a chrysalis I have been growing swan plants for quite a few years because I like having monarch butterflies around. I’ve seen the butterflies hatch a few times but until now I … Continued

Pixel cupcakes

I don’t normally bake because I hate it but I had another go at doing pixel cupcakes because I do like decorating. I did some pixel cupcakes a while back but this time I did them smaller, I kept them … Continued