Cot teething guard

For some reason my son’s cot only has plastic teething guards along the sides. He was trying to chew his way out the front end of the cot, something needed to be done before he escaped. For the teething guard … Continued

Padded cloth book

This came printed out on a piece of fabric. It had all the pages with the illustrations and text, along with instructions on how to assemble it. My mother in law gave it to me to make, I was quite … Continued

Croco-craft: Crocodile taggie blanket

I’m still new to the idea of making things while having a small baby. Not having any free time means making things is very difficult (and posting them here takes even longer – I did this a while ago). So … Continued

Zombie stripper pole dance

I’ve been wanting to do a zombie stripper themed pole dance for some time. A trip to Vegas in August and purchasing a pair of genuine showgirl plastic stripper heels helped to fuel the desire to finally get this routine … Continued