New sewing machine: Brother Innovis 400

My old sewing machine had been dropping stitches and jamming on zig zags for a while now, so I finally went out and bought a replacement. It’s beautiful. I’ve always liked the old sewing machines that are solid and have … Continued

How to make a Spiderman pole dance costume

Spiderman pole dance costume

This may not be the most useful how to, but here it is. Just in case there is someone else out there who likes to jump around a stripper pole pretending to be Spiderman. The costume in action: To make … Continued

Cat duvet

Mrs Doyle and her cat duvet

Some cats love boxes, mine loves duvets. The instant she jumps onto one she starts purring and walking around kneading it. So I made her a mini cat duvet that she can have on the couch or wherever she wants … Continued

Playsuit repair attempt

I recently bought a playsuit online (for anyone who is wondering, a playsuit is a like a one-piece jumpsuit but with shorts). I realised when I got it that it wasn’t great quality, I had to unpick and re-sew one … Continued