Croco-craft: Crocodile taggie blanket

It could be an alligator, it's not entirely anatomically correct
It could be an alligator, it’s not 100% anatomically correct

I’m still new to the idea of making things while having a small baby. Not having any free time means making things is very difficult (and posting them here takes even longer – I did this a while ago). So this was a new approach for me: no thinking, just make it. Sounds too much like an inspirational slogan but I’m going to go with it for a while. I normally spend ages thinking things through, figuring out what I need, getting things and then finally making. The design process was this: I want to make a blankie thing, look on pinterest for ideas, taggie blankets seem popular but I don’t want it to be a boring square, I like crocodiles, crocodile taggie blanket it is! It was also made entirely with things I already had.

The only time things got a little crazy was when I decided to put ribbons on the back to make it less boring. I thought it was a good opportunity to try out some of the exciting stitches on the sewing machine I had recently got. Turns out they don’t all work on slippery ribbon with a stretch fleece. Much swearing and unpicking ensued.

Back of the crocodile taggie
Back of the crocodile taggie with ribbon and crazy stitches

It’s not the biggest hit but it gets chewed a decent amount so I’m pretty happy with the result.