Drawing challenge: Day 13 – 19


Day 15: Burger

I really liked doing the bacon picture last week so I’ve gone for food again.

There’s some thing on the internet where Nicolas Cage is a cat, I don’t really get it but now I’ve contributed to it.

Nicolas Cage as a lion

Day 13 and 14: Nicolas Cage as a lion. I find this much scarier than the zombie stuff I did last week

I’ve been going pretty well with drawing every day, there still seems to be one a day a week where I don’t manage to do it. I cheated it bit with the Nicolas Cage one, I drew his face one day then did the lion part the next day. I also tried to draw a rose but it’s not very good. For todays drawing I had a go at doing a cartoon, I don’t think I really like drawing in that style though.

Roleplay misunderstanding

Day 19: Roleplay misunderstanding