Drawing challenge: Day 20 – Day 27


Day 25: T-rex. Raaaaaaaaaaaawr!

T-rex’s are awesome. I didn’t have a real one so I drew this from a photograph I took of an animatronic one at a museum in London. I wish I had a real one and an animatronic one.

For day 21 I drew some fairy lights that I made into pretty blinky lights using jQuery. You can see them here, and read about how they are done here.

For Day 22 I didn’t feel much like drawing so did a wood grain texture – which I found quite relaxing. I used the texture to make the frame on the image for the fairy lights example. On Day 27 I was tired and felt even less like drawing so ended up doing a sulky bunny.

Sad bunny

Day 27: Sad bunny

Wood texture

Day 22: Got wood?