Drawing challenge: Day 28 – 34

Casio calculator watch

Day 32: Casio calculator watch

To start with I had only missed one or 2 days a week, this is the week where it all fell apart, I only managed 2 drawings. I knew drawing something every day was a lot, but I thought if I set the target high I would at least get most days. I was originally only going to do this for 31 days, but I’ve decided to extend it a couple more weeks after my poor attempt this week. The new end date is December 14.

Even though I didn’t do many drawings this week, I’m pretty happy with what I did do. I like the calculator watch, and for some reason I think Afghan hounds are hilarious. Now that I’ve done this drawing I’m thinking of doing an afghan hound cushion cover in the same way as the flying ducks one I did.

Afghan hound

Day 28: Afghan hound