How to make a Spiderman pole dance costume

Spiderman pole dance costume

This may not be the most useful how to, but here it is. Just in case there is someone else out there who likes to jump around a stripper pole pretending to be Spiderman.

The costume in action:

Spiderman kids costume
The original kids costume

To make it I adjusted a kids costume. The one I bought was for a boy aged 10-12, which is actually pretty close to my size. But you can get adult ones too if you are an adult sized adult.

For pole dancing you need to have skin contact with the pole for grip (that’s the real reason pole dancers don’t wear much). So it had to have shorts and no sleeves. I briefly considered keeping it as a one piece instead of separate top and shorts, but decided against it for two reasons. Firstly for some moves you use your stomach and side for grip so I would have to be stronger to be able to do them without it. And secondly the costume I had was a kids one, so it was slightly too short in the body for me. I didn’t want to be the next new hilarious camel toe video on YouTube.

I cut off the legs and unpicked the sleeves and the top from the bottom. I used an overlocker to take the shorts in at the sides to get it to fit me. Ages ago I made a bikini from a pattern, they had a good way to finish the edges so I used the same method for this. You get swimwear elastic and sew it to the edge (on the back of the fabric). Then fold it over and sew it again to hem. You need to use a zig zag stitch so it can still stretch.

Spiderman costume hem
The hem with elastic and zig zag stitching

The costume was made from really cheap fabric. Which made sense because it was cheap, but I had never seen fabric that bad before so didn’t realise anything like that even existed. I had thought it would be similar to a lycra. It was a knit but didn’t have any elastic in it, so it could stretch a bit but not like a proper stretch fabric would. It also laddered really easily so you had to finish the hems quickly. Every time I tried it on to check the size before sewing it I was risking more ladders. I had to sew up a couple of bad ones and used glue to stop some that were just starting.

Velcro dress
Dress that does up with velcro, and then undoes very quickly.

The dress at the beginning that rips open was really easy to do (I call it my secret identity dress). I got a shirt dress from a second-hand store and put bits of velcro down the front. I made the side with the buttons go on top so they would still show. That means it does up left over right, which is how a mans shirt is meant to do up. But when you are ripping your clothes off it seems unlikely people will notice those details. The bits of velcro are far enough away from the buttons that I could still use a sewing machine to attach them.