Is there a Google Analytics conspiracy or do I just have a dirty mind?

Google analytics browser tabs

From top: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Safari again.

So it occurred to me that whenever I have Google Analytics open in one of the tabs of my browser it somehow always seems to cut off before the ‘y’ in analytics. I wanted to test whether it did cut off there more often or whether it only seemed like it did because that was when I noticed it as I would give me a fright and I would think ‘Oh my god, I have not been looking at that!’

Hardcore Anal-
ysis of the Data

So I opened a few browsers to see what happened to the title as I added more tabs. In conclusion, it doesn’t seem to occur any more often than any of the other scenarios (maybe even less because its impossible in Safari) and it probably is just that I seem to only notice it then. But I did find out that Safari treats title meta tags that begin with the word ‘Google’ differently to other ones. As the tab title gets shorter it drops the word ‘Google’ so ‘Google Anayltics’ becomes ‘Analytics’, ‘Google Images’ becomes ‘Images’ etc. I wondered if Google had done something fancy so I checked the source code to see if the title meta tag was different to normal, but it wasn’t. So I made a page on my local server and put ‘Google test’ in it as the title. When it shrunk down in Safari (I’m using Safari v6.0.2) the word ‘Google’ dropped off, so it isn’t just google sites that do it, it’s any site title that starts with that word. So why did Safari do this? Was it because like me they kept seeing the word ‘Analytics’ cutting off in the wrong place and getting a fright? I like to think so but I don’t think I will ever know.