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Whipple tarts, the gator didn't come with the set, it was a stroke of genius by my niece to add this
Whipple tarts. The gator didn’t come with the set, it was a stroke of genius by my niece to add it

I really like fake plastic food, not sure why but ever since visiting Japan I’ve loved it. There’s a toy you can get called Whipple where you pipe fake cream onto little plastic cakes and then stick gems and things onto them. After a while the fake cream sets and you have some beautiful plastic food. I’ve wanted to play with it for ages, I bought a kit for my niece in Wellington and was very disappointed when she didn’t use it while I was there. That’s the problem with buying people presents that you actually want for yourself. Luckily I had another chance at it, I could give some to my nieces who I was visiting in California and the holiday was long enough that they would have to play it with me.

I’m not going to lie, the kits are kind of a rip off, the box is huge but doesn’t have much in it. There’s only just enough piping cream and minimal decorating items. But if you have a thing for plastic food like I do it was still worth it. And we did like it enough that my sister in law bought another pack off amazon for us all to use (her included).

Rainbow loom charms
Rainbow loom charms

A few months ago I discovered there was a thing called rainbow loom where you make bracelets from linking different coloured rubber bands together. It looked pretty fun so I was disappointed to discover the craze had been and gone for the nieces I was visiting.

But one of them was kind enough to show me how to make a bracelet. After that I decided I was ready for something more complicated so looked up tutorials and found one for a panda. It was my first go at using the plastic loom thing, I had no idea what I was doing so wasn’t surprised when it’s ears and arms fell off. The second attempt went much better. I showed it to my niece, she hadn’t done any of the charms yet so this was enough to reignite her interest in rainbow looming. Or at least she pretended to like it for my sake. We made quite a few together, the dragonfly was our most impressive one.