Little birdies wedding cake topper

Birds wedding cake topper - in progress
Finished love birds wedding cake topper at the wedding

Earlier this year I did a wedding cake topper for my friend Julia. I did my wedding cake topper a while ago, I found making it incredibly frustrating and difficult but I was really happy with it in the end so I was quite keen to have a go at another one. There was a definite decrease in the amount of swearing during the process of making it, so I am improving. They’re made of polymer clay (FIMO), we went with birds because there were birds on the invitations and wedding favours.

I came up with a monogram from their initials (J & B) to put on the wings of the birds. They were happy I put the initials in that order instead of the other way around. I made the stamp for the monogram by bending pieces of floristry wire into shape and stuck them to a piece of cardboard with double sided tape. To cover over the tape and smooth where the wire joined the cardboard I used a few layers of tissue paper, stuck on with glue. The tissue paper made a bit of a texture on the clay which I quite I liked. I had initially tried to go with a smooth finish but I’m not skilled enough with polymer clay to do that, adding a bit of texture hid the imperfections quite well. I also experimented with different paint finishes with the textures until I found one I liked.

Bird wedding cake topper - monogram
From left: The stamp for the monogram, painted test pieces to check colour and texture, close up of the monogram on the wing (unpainted).
Bird cake topper on cardboard cake
Cake topper on a cardboard cake mockup to check scale

I wanted to make sure the birds were the right proportions for the cake so I got the cake measurements and made a cardboard one the same size. I found doing this really useful, making things for other people is always way more stressful than when it’s just for yourself so being able to see it mocked up put my nerves at rest.

When I had made the birds but not painted them I did a quick foliage arrangement for them to sit on, took photos of it and sent them to Julia to see if she was happy with it. I had hoped for the day I could get the florist to do the final foliage arrangement for them to sit on, unfortunately the florist had been causing some issues for them so I decided it would be safer to do it myself.

I got the foliage from a wholesale florist instead of the garden, I wanted to be sure they were the types of leaves that would last well once they were cut. I got ferns, moss and some leaves that I have forgot what they are called, but are really commonly used by florists. I used a low dish with wet oasis to stick them into, and a lot of floristry wire to make sure everything held in place. The birds had some wire sticking out from the base of them too so they could go into the oasis as well.

Unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job of getting photos of it on the day. I was a bridesmaid and I had just come down with a throat infection a couple of days before the wedding so I was preoccupied with trying very hard to not look sick and ruin all the photos. The photo at the top of this post was the best one I got but it doesn’t show the monograms very well.