Padded cloth book

Emergency services fabric book

This came printed out on a piece of fabric. It had all the pages with the illustrations and text, along with instructions on how to assemble it. My mother in law gave it to me to make, I was quite excited to do it. It thought it would be easier.

I ran into issues at every step, I don’t really know why. I wanted it to be puffy so used thin batting, it came out way too thick so I had to remove some. Trying to sew precisely with batting is impossible, I couldn’t see where I was trying to sew. I know I’m not a professional cloth book maker but the end result looked like something that had been done as a first ever sewing project. I was not very happy. But then I gave it to my little boy and he liked it so it was all worthwhile. He was even nice enough not to comment on the wonky topstitching. It’s even become a favourite book, he likes the sound effects all the emergency vehicles make. They didn’t come with it, you have to make those too.