Stuff I made a while ago – the cushion edition

Owl cushion

Owl cushion cover – appliqué

A few weeks ago I started organising the photos and files from my current and old computer, and external hard drives. This is one of the worst chores I can think of, it’s even worse than cleaning the oven. That doesn’t mean I’m going to clean the oven. I had intended to put up pictures I found of stuff I had made, but the process is going slower than I thought, this is only my second lot of pictures.

Flying ducks cushion

3 flying ducks cushion cover – hand painted

I painted the ducks with screen printing ink. You iron the other side of the fabric to heat set the paint so it’s washable. Because the fabric was a dark colour I painted the area where the ducks were going to go white, heat set it and then painted the design over that. It worked pretty well except the colours changed a bit after ironing.

Russian dolls cushions

Russian dolls set of cushion covers – appliqué