Things I made a while ago

To speed this blog up I’m going to start by adding things I’ve already made. I have the given myself the task of organising all my photos and backups this weekend so I should find lots of things to upload.

Amigurumi monkey

This is an amigurumi monkey I made for my niece. I got the crochet pattern from someone on Etsy.

Mr Piggins toy

This is Mr Piggins, I made him for my friends kid. I don’t know if he is still called Mr Piggins, I hope so.

Pixel cupcakes

Heart, nyan cat and space invader cupcakes.

I made the pixel cupcakes for a work goodbye lunch. The decorations are done by rolling out fondant icing, I used a knife to press the grid into them. Then I used a paintbrush and food colouring to colour in the squares that needed it, like following a cross stitch pattern. Don’t expect to see much more of this sort of thing here, I really really hate baking. It’s only the decorating part that I like.