Wolf embroidery on a Moby wrap baby carrier

Wolf embroidery baby carrier

This was my first real attempt at a craft project since becoming a mother. I’d heard countless times that once you had a baby you wouldn’t have time for anything else, but until trying to do this I hadn’t realised how hard it would be. I thought I picked such a simple thing to do, and most of it could be done while sitting.

I had a Moby wrap baby carrier, which is basically just a really long piece of fabric that you tie around yourself in a specific way to carry the baby. They normally have a tag on them that marks the halfway point, which you need to know to be able to put it on. I’ve never been a fan of wearing things with logos on them so I wanted to get rid of the tag and put something else there instead. I thought a really basic outline of a wolf would be cool and quick to do. I had it all drawn up and ready to go quite quickly.

Unfortunately my timing was bad, when I started trying to do the stitching my wee boy suddenly started a phase where he wanted to be carried and held all the time. It’s very hard to embroider something you are wearing. So it stayed partially done for some time. I didn’t want to wash it before all the finishing was done incase I ruined it. But I was wearing it every day, it quickly became so covered in milk and baby spew that I was starting to become genuinely scared of it. The real motivation to finish it was that I needed to wash it, it wasn’t easy to complete but I got there in the end and I’m happy with it.

If you’re looking to do something similar this is how I did it. The fabric for the wrap is stretchy so I needed a backing on the embroidery for it to keep it’s shape. I had a really thin iron on interfacing that I used, it had a bit of stretch in one of the directions so I used two layers of it perpendicular to each other which made a backing that had no stretch. I used a layer of iron on adhesive (what you use for appliqué) to attach it to the fabric. I used that because I thought it might hold better than the glue from the interfacing alone, but because it’s attached to a stretch fabric that’s come away now too. So not sure if it was necessary but I think it might have held it in place better while I stitched the design on.

Layers used for the embroidery

The embroidery is just a back stitch outline, nothing fancy. I tried drawing it on with chalk first but it didn’t show up well enough so mostly I referred to a paper cutout I had made of the design and used pins to mark the points. After it was done I ironed another layer of interfacing onto the back to seal in all the loose threads and make it look tidier.

Five weeks after starting a quick craft project it was finally complete. And most importantly I could wash the moby wrap. On the plus side I think wearing something that dirty should’ve helped to develop my baby’s immune system.