Zombie craft. Grr Argh.

Crawling zombie

Knitted zombie

I have just finished making a knitted zombie toy. Yay. My sister (the one who does the mathematical origami) sent me a book of zombie knitting patterns. I liked the classic zombie the best. He comes apart with velcro so he can be one of those freaky crawler zombies that comes out of the bushes at you when you walk past and tries to bite your ankles. For the eyes I used wooden beads and painted them. For the one that’s hanging out of the socket I drilled an extra hole through the centre so I could thread wool through it in two directions to make the optic nerve. His jacket is two different wools, a normal one and a textured one that is the same colour. The textured one makes the tatty looking bits.

Zombie cross stitch

I did the zombie cross stitch last year, it was from a kit that my sister in-law sent for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what frame to get so it’s been sitting in a drawer for ages, finishing the knitted zombie motivated me to finally frame it so I can put it up somewhere.